Dear Chris

I would like to thank you all at The Complete Health Clinic for the treatment I have received.

Although suffering with back problems for many years I have never visited a Chiropractor but I have seen an Osteopath and had Acupuncture some 15 years ago.

A trapped sciatic nerve meant that I could only walk short distances or sit upright for a while and then have to bend double to stop the pain. I was diagnosed with degeneration at L4 and L5 in my spine and eventually 13 years ago I had surgery.

I have not been pain free altogether, standing, sitting for long periods, vacuuming, gardening have always left me with an ache and stiffness.  I would probably gone on in the same way if it had not been for the extreme pain I suffered on the opposite side of my back whilst on holiday last October and then again at the end of November after lifting my Husband’s  wheelchair in and out of the car several times in one day.

On the recommendation of my son, who had been treated for neck pain I came to your clinic approximately 2 months ago. I was immediately impressed with the initial appointment where the whole picture was gathered and then subsequently a full diagnosis and treatment plan.

After just 2 months of regular treatment I am now pain free from the trapped nerve or subluxation as it is known, but just as important I am getting relief from the knawing ache at the site of the operation all those years ago.

I find that I am walking straighter, breathing better and have a general feeling of well being. I am enjoying Yoga, swimming and feel that my flexibility is improving. I really wish I had sought chiropractic treatment years ago.

With thanks


Dear Chris

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally put pen to paper to sing your praises.

Having been a patient of yours for over 15 months now, I’d like to thank you for persevering with me in getting me back to full fitness, to the point where I can now not only go about my daily life in pain free comfort, but also allow me to continue my self-inflicted torturous weight training activities.  I can also now drive for hours on end as my job often demands (with prescribed hourly breaks!) and still be able to walk afterwards.

Having seen several different Chiropractors in the past, I thought I knew all there was to know about managing my back pain, but I have learnt so much more with you, the result of which I am now fighting fit again.

I am still continuing my maintenance treatments with you and will continue to do so for as long as I am in the area.

I have recommended you to my colleagues and will continue to do so.  Keep up the excellent work.



“Since my early twenties I have received treatment privately from two osteopaths, a chiropractor, plus a couple of stints with the NHS, who all said the same thing, nothing could be done due to injuries, age, wear and tear and the best I could hope for was just to receive maintenance treatment and pace myself.

However, after only a few treatments, amongst which was the re-alignment of my hips thus making my legs the same length, I have been free of the constant 24 hour pain and have found a completely new lease of life.  Recently a friend described me as a ‘human dynamo’ and I thought, ‘all thanks to the treatment’.  I now go to bed without it being painful, get up in the morning pain free and lead a very active life without feeling the need to stop due to stiffness of movement or just increasing pain.

The Complete Health Clinic is what it says on the tin, the Complete Health Clinic looking holistically at each person from lifestyle to diet.  I would have no hesitation, and have not had any, in recommending the Clinic to anyone and also it has reinforced my NEVER to say NEVER, nor to take No for an Answer.

I am not sure who has been more delighted and surprised by the results, you or me!”


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